Yoga Tweet of Wisdom

6a00d8341c743353ef01a3fd1616e2970bI’m not a tweeter but a friend recently shared this rather perfect description of the challenges with practicing yoga in the city…

Thanks, Molly for writing the perfect yoga tweet…

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Mentioned in class

Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 6.12.19 PMAmong the many topics of our conversations in class today, the film Youth Without Youth was mentioned and recommended.  In it, Tim Roth travels an odyssey through time and follows the history of language all the way back to the first ancient sacred sounds… Grumuki? Sanskrit? The story of language may not seem like a block buster draw… but I found it just my sort of flick.  Give it a check-out and let me know what you think!



On Yoga and Hammers

hammer-karl-addisonLike a hammer, yoga is a tool to help improve your life. You would never pick up a hammer and knock yourself in the head, right? So don’t use yoga to set impossible goals that are not appropriate for where you are in your life. Tools are used when we need them and put down when we don’t.

There is no goal to a yoga practice except the goals you set for yourself.  The journey is the goal. And it is your journey. If you “fail” to meet your self-made challenges, simply adjust to something that feels better.  How does yoga fit into your life, specifically?

Before jumping out of bed each morning bring yoga to your waking-up process.  Sit up in bed and tune in, or bend over and reach for your toes.  Then see how much more grounded the day is for you!


The Pixel Event Horizon

digital-yoga1Yoga is a technology.  The art of conscious evolution has survived for thousands of years because its core philosophy teaches how to flow with change.  It is, therefore, a good yoga practice to keep up with the latest changes in science.  Reach for your toes and the stars.

Here is a TED talk where Jinha Lee shows his work of bringing the pixel out of the computer and into our hands.  Past keyboards, touch screens and into 3D computing. The Virtual world is really only a small replica of reality itself, which is also, in a greater sense, virtual. It looks like soon computing will be a tangible, touchable experience.

Yogi Bhajan on the Value of Meditating

Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to America in the late 1960’s.  After thousands of years of being kept a deeply private and secret practice among a small group of chosen students in India, the techniques of Kundalini yoga were shared with the world at large by this master yogi.


Yoga: An executive summary

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

So… what is yoga? Yoga is the art of calming yourself down.  It is a set of physical exercise that quiets the noisy brain and relaxes the body, bringing more enjoyment to your life wherever you might be.  In the same way a hot shower washes your body, a strong yoga set washes your spirit and clears your thoughts of unnecessary clutter.

The word yoga comes from a biblical word meaning ‘to yoke’ or ‘connect.’  Whats being ‘yoked’ in a yoga practice is the physical body to the metaphysical spirit self, the higher self, the continuum of eternal energy that is your true nature.  The original Sanskrit word describing the act of ‘yoga’ before the Christian culture influenced language was the  word ‘jugit’, which means- union of personal awareness with infinite awareness.  If we actively connect with the infinite dimension within ourselves, we can increase the enjoyment of life challenges.  But how does yoga actually connect my physical self to my metaphysical self?

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Triple Mantra- Nirinjan Kaur

Mantra music is a new genre of music that uses the sounds of the Gurmukhi language in repeated lyrical fashion.  There are hundreds of mantras and hundreds of new songs to discover in this style of music.  Here is one by Nirinjan Kaur using what is known as the Mul Mantra.

Mantra phonetics: Ad Guday namay, jugad guday namay, sat guday namay siri guru day vay namay, ad such, jugad such, hebee such, nanak hosey bey such