Mentioned in class

Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 6.12.19 PMAmong the many topics of our conversations in class today, the film Youth Without Youth was mentioned and recommended.  In it, Tim Roth travels an odyssey through time and follows the history of language all the way back to the first ancient sacred sounds… Grumuki? Sanskrit? The story of language may not seem like a block buster draw… but I found it just my sort of flick.  Give it a check-out and let me know what you think!



The Pixel Event Horizon

digital-yoga1Yoga is a technology.  The art of conscious evolution has survived for thousands of years because its core philosophy teaches how to flow with change.  It is, therefore, a good yoga practice to keep up with the latest changes in science.  Reach for your toes and the stars.

Here is a TED talk where Jinha Lee shows his work of bringing the pixel out of the computer and into our hands.  Past keyboards, touch screens and into 3D computing. The Virtual world is really only a small replica of reality itself, which is also, in a greater sense, virtual. It looks like soon computing will be a tangible, touchable experience.

Random patterns and yoga

The event of 11:11:11 on 11/11/11 is a very cool random pattern that is made even more significant by digital clocks.  There is nothing else more magical or alchemical on this day than there is for any other miraculous day.  If there were, it would be clearly perceivable to everyone with our five senses. Every day under the sun is new and amazing. Every day offers equal opportunity to change and improve your life. Designating a specific day to be more special than another day is a marketing ploy to sell events and workshops that claim to offer you something you don’t supposedly already have.  Yoga is not about trying to acquire something you lack.  It is a technique for realizing you have within all that you need.
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